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2014 Annual Meeting and Barn Tour

Everyone had a great time at the recent Annual meeting and barn tour held in western Pennsylvania. Stay tuned for photos from the 3 day event.

Save the dates: June 13, 14 and 15 2014.

The HBFF will hold its annual meeting and barn tour in Washington County in southwest Pennsylvania this year. On Friday June 13, we will visit the Manchester Farm “Plantation Plenty”, followed by dinner at Meadowcroft Museum. On Saturday June 14 we will tour six barns by bus, some with features distinctive to SW PA, and some that are not Pennsylvania Barns at all. On Sunday June 15 Fred Will has arranged a three barn self driving tour in Somerset County. Laura Walker is also compiling a list of suggested additional stops and routes for while you’re on your way, so those who have a long distance to travel may want to plan an extra day.

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2013 Annual Meeting and Barn Tour

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The Mission of HBFF of PA

Watch this informative video featuring HBFF Founder and past President Sheila Miller and HBFF Board Member and world renowned barn historian Robert Ensminger. Look at our new video section for more barn related videos


HBFF Board President and historian Jeff Marshall discusses the importance of barns in American heritage.