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2014 Annual Meeting and Barn Tour

Save the dates: June 13 and 14, 2014.
The HBFF will hold its annual meeting and barn tour in Washington County in southwest Pennsylvania this year. On Friday June 13, we will visit the Manchester Farm “Plantation Plenty”, followed by dinner at Meadowcroft Museum. On Saturday June 14 we will tour six barns, some with features distinctive to SW PA, and some that are not Pennsylvania Barns at all. Laura Walker is also compiling a list of suggested additional stops and routes for while you’re on your way, so those who have a long distance to travel may want to plan an extra day. Watch for registration details in the Spring newsletter.

HBFF of PA members will meet in the southwest corner of PA for the annual meeting
and barn tour this year. We have assembled a group of barns to showcase some of the
barn features characteristic of the western parts of the Commonwealth….and to present a
few classics and a few puzzlers. Not all the barns will be “Pennsylvania Barns”. Further,
we are aiming to look at farms in their totality: how the barn is just a part of a
working system that includes crops and livestock, water, wind, and topography.
The Friday stop is Plantation Plenty, a large and unique place that has been in the Manchester
family since 1798. Because there is so much to see here, we are starting earlier
than usual: two to 5 pm. or so. Then we are off to Meadowcroft Museum for a buffet
dinner. Meadowcroft has agreed to keep the museum building open prior to our dinner
for us to see part of the Smithsonian’s Barn Again! exhibit, barn models, and their farm
equipment collection. A very significant archeological site for early man in the new
world, the Meadowcroft Rockshelter is accessible via many stairs at some distance from
the banquet and museum. If there is enough interest, we could possibly arrange to have
that open for a single guided tour at 5:15 as you arrive at Meadowcroft. Our speaker at
the dinner this year is Terry Necciai.

A brief business meeting and our traditional silent auction fundraiser will precede the
guest speaker’s presentation. Because it is a long way for some of our easternmost
members, elsewhere in this issue we have highlighted some points of interest along the
way. A block of rooms has been reserved at the Comfort Inn & Suites (North Franklin,
NOT Meadowlands) at varying prices ($100/105/110), until May 12.
Stay tuned for more information!

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