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2014 Annual Meeting and Barn Tour

Everyone had a great time at the recent Annual meeting and barn tour held in western Pennsylvania. Stay tuned for photos from the 3 day event.

Click for photos from the 3 day event

4 comments to 2014 Annual Meeting and Barn Tour

  • Linda Gilman

    Would like information on barn tour in June 2914.

  • Robert Greenberger

    Left my name and email above. I would like to participate in the annual meeting and barn tour, both days, for two people. I have mailed a check to Laura Walker with my membership for the year. Please let me know how to sign up for the Barn Tour.

    Robby Greenberger
    412-476-5635 Work days
    412-882-6797 Home

  • Hello,

    We just received your lovely report on the Historic Barns and Farmscapes of Washington County. Is there a reason that the locations of the farms were not identified in the publication. As a native of Washington County (and a person familiar with many of the family names of the farms) I am very interested in where these historic barns and farms are. The photos look very familiar. Please let me know if you are able to share the location (township or borough) of the farms in the publication. It is so nice to see them discussed and celebrated.
    Sincerely, Mary Kandray Gelenser (native of Smith Township, Washington County)

  • My wife and I would like to take a barn tour. Thanks

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